Identity Theft

Arizona Identity Theft Lawyer In Arizona, identity theft is a crime that has been on the rise for quite some time and this has much to do with the fact that the use of the Internet and the supplying of financial information over the Internet is on the rise. Then again, there are individuals that… Read more »

Health Care Fraud

Phoenix Health Care Fraud Lawyer Health care fraud is receiving even more attention from the federal government than ever before. This is because there has been a rise in the number of fraud cases that are being prosecuted. For those that are convicted, the penalties are quite severe. They include large fines, lengthy prison sentences,… Read more »


Arizona Forgery Attorney Forgery is considered a class four felony. It does cover a wide range of acts, but it most commonly is charged in cases where someone may have forged the signature of another person on a check or document without the consent of the person whose name they signed. This is something that… Read more »

False Claims Act

Phoenix False Claims Act Lawyer The False Claims Act (FCA), also called the “Lincoln Law“, is a federal law that imposes liability on persons and companies (typically federal contractors) who defraud governmental programs. It is the federal Government’s primary litigation tool in combating fraud against the Government. The law includes a qui tam provision that allows people who are not affiliated with the government,… Read more »

False Advertising

Phoenix False Advertising And Product Misrepresentation Lawyer There are state and federal laws that are put in place to protect the public from misleading or false advertising. In other words, making deceptive claims about products is completely illegal. The law says that a business is to never make a false claim, mislead consumers, or make… Read more »


Arizona Extortion Lawyer Any time money is obtained by threatening a person, that person’s family, or their property by intimidating or threatening them, it is considered extortion. This is a felony offense. Blackmail is a type of extortion in which a person threatens to embarrass or expose another in order to damage them if the… Read more »


Arizona Environmental Schemes Lawyer Some would claim that global warming is an environmental scheme and others would claim that the denial of global warming is some kind of environmental scam with a motive behind it for the sake of certain companies that pollute the air. Yes, these are just mere theories rather than true accusations… Read more »


Phoenix Embezzlement Lawyer Embezzlement is the act of taking money or proceeds that are handled or received illegally. If you’ve been accused of embezzlement, you may have also found that the charge also comes with other charges. This is because embezzlement usually accompanies the transfer or receipt of money from illegal activity. Even if you… Read more »

Election Law

Arizona Election Law Violations Attorney The ability to vote is a right that the American people are able to exercise. They are able to choose who represents them in order to make decisions that will benefit the people as a whole. But to get into office, elected officials have to run for election and this… Read more »

Drug Trafficking

Arizona Drug Trafficking Attorney Drug trafficking is a serious crime and one that is seen a lot in Arizona, especially since some trafficking takes place between the United States and Mexico. Because it is known that trafficking is a major issue in the state, one area that police have cracked down on is the Interstate… Read more »