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Copyright law is in place to protect intellectual property such as texts, photos, artwork, music, technical innovations, video and films, and much more. What this law does is ensure that work is not duplicated by others. Because copyrighted material produces an income for many people, duplication could hurt that income. Plus, the creation is something that person created with their own mind, so whether or not a piece is used is up to them or any entity that holds the copyright to piece.

But copyright law goes much further than that. It covers a broad range of area so that creations remain unique and are only used in authorized situations. Unfortunately, there are times when a person can infringe on copyright by mistake or they do it intentionally. No matter the case, Myles A. Schneider will provide a powerful defense that will be aimed at reaching the proper outcome in the case.

Types Of Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement can take many forms. These forms include:

  • The unauthorized use of trade names and trademarks
  • Making unauthorized copies of music, software, literary works, and video
  • Unlawfully distributing materials, such as through peer-to-peer file sharing and pirated CDs, DVDs, books, software, and other intellectual property
  • Selling copyrighted material

Copyright law gives the copyright holder the exclusive right to display, reproduce, promote, show, perform, adapt, translate, important, and derive new works from their artistic creation. Any of these activities being done without the permission of the copyright holder can lead to a fine of $150,000 per act of infringement.

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The primary way to avoid copyright infringement is by simply asking for permission from the copyright owner. Copyrighted works tend to have the owner’s information on them so that permission can be requested to use something all or in part. However, it can be easy to infringe on copyrights without realizing it or simply not knowing copyright law. It is a rather complex law that comes with a simple rule, which is “don’t use it.” Nonetheless, it is not always that easy in certain situations and this can lead to an accusation. Myles A. Schneider knows copyright law and can look at your situation to determine the best course of action for your case in order to avoid having to pay the high fines that are associated with a violation.

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If you have been charged with copyright infringement, this is a very serious allegation. Sometimes copyright infringement happens by mistake and other times it does happen intentionally. This is a very tricky law, however, because it can be so easy to duplicate content and, most of the time, people do not use intellectual property for profit as much as they do for personal use. These are all reasons why hiring Myles A. Schneider is the right decision. He will work diligently on your case to show what really happened so you can put the matter behind you. Call us today at 602-926-7373 for a free consultation.