False Claims

Phoenix False Claims And Statements Lawyer

Arizona does not have its own False Claims Act, but there is the federal False Claims Act that enables false claims to be prosecuted at the federal level. This means if you are accused, you will need to retain the services of an attorney who knows how to provide quality representation in federal court and that is something that Myles A. Schneider is very well-versed in.

As for what false claims and statements are, false claims are actions that involve submitting a false claim or providing some kind of false information to obtain some sort of payment from a government entity.

Common False Claims And Statements

Many false claims and statements involve the Medicare and Medicaid systems or any other government agency that provides some sort of benefit. Here are some examples of how false claims and statements are used to defraud certain entities:

  • An individual submits an application for Medicaid and they do not fully state their income or they claim more children than they have or provide some other form of false information in order to receive benefits.
  • A medical facility submits a false claim to Medicare or Medicaid in order to get payment for services that were never provided. This is a crime that may be accompanied by other charges if charges are filed.
  • An individual fakes a mental illness or other condition in order to receive SSI or Social Security benefits. In reality, the individual is able-bodied although they do not represent themselves as such.
  •  A person applies for Welfare benefits when they don’t need them. They may state that they cannot work when they really can.

Because of the fact the state Medicaid system can be affected, Arizona has considered legislation that would give it its own False Claims Act so it can recover the civil penalties for false claims that are received by the state government.

Arizona Federal Criminal Defense

Because Arizona does not yet have its own False Claims Act, the federal court system takes over. Myles A. Schneider has won cases in federal court in which the prosecution had evidence to present. However, the prosecution’s evidence has to be strong enough to support their claims. If a person can admit they are disabled or a doctor can show that a medical procedure was completed, then the charges can be dropped. And while there are legitimate cases, it doesn’t mean there is no hope for a better outcome than the maximum penalties if a conviction occurs.

Contact An Arizona False Claims And Statements Attorney

Even if you think you deserve to pay the maximum penalties for false claims and statements, that doesn’t mean you should or will. People make mistakes. Bad judgment and even desperation can lead to people doing things they would not normally do. That does not mean that the consequences have to be the harshest possible. Myles A. Schneider will fight for you to help you have a chance toward living your life again. Call us today at 602-926-7373 to schedule your free consultation.