Client Results


Client found not guilty in Federal District Court charged with Bank Robbery. Defendant made admissions while in workhouse on Misdemeanor charges and expert testimony was utilized to establish reasonable doubt and jury acquitted after two days of deliberation.


Our client was acquitted by jury of committing an assault on his girl friend when established that they had an assault based relationship wherein both participated. Right or wrong the jury decided that each was equally guilty therefore they were compelled to make a finding of Not Guilty. Verdict disallowed the revocation of Defendant’s parole and stopped the Court from returning him to prison.


Secured a case dismissal in a Criminal Damage to Property matter when Jury found client guilty, but determined that there was no dollar value to property damaged. Upon motion at conclusion of deliberation Court dismissed the entire case.


Tried Mail Fraud in Minnesota Federal Court and client was found guilty, however, because of Probation Officer experience successfully had defendant placed in Federal Work Camp prison. Sad note to case is that the client passed away while in prison, however, it was a heart attack on a tennis court while playing tennis.


Successfully avoided Adult Certification in Juvenile Court of a 2nd Degree Murder charge. Client was adjudicated guilty of charge, but dealt with as a juvenile rather than an adult.


Secured a dismissal of a First Degree Burglary when the only evidence was DNA results of a cigarette found outside the building. Motion to dismiss for lack of Probable Cause granted.


Secured dismissal of Criminal Sexual Conduct when, after protracted Pre-Trial hearings and motions, defendant’s neighbor confessed. Peculiar set of facts as client wanted throughout the proceedings to plea guilty to avoid a trial, however, was persuaded not to when the neighbor confessed that he had assaulted the little girl in neighborhood.


Secured downward departures on three different First Degree Possession and Sale of Controlled Substance matters. This offense is a mandatory commit to prison sentence and with Defendant’s co-operation have secured probationary sentences thereby avoiding a prison sentence.


Have defended literally thousands of citizens charged with DWI. Forty years of private practice, including time as a part-time Public Defender and City Prosecutor, have secured experience to find a way to successfully defend DWI’s if one exists in your case.