Welfare Fraud

Arizona Welfare Fraud Lawyer

Welfare fraud is committed when a person intentionally misuses the Arizona welfare program. The act may be committed if a person intentionally withholds certain information that is required or provides false information. Perhaps a person misrepresents their income in order to receive benefits or there is information about household members that is not disclosed.

Other examples of welfare fraud are those that fake an injury or an illness in order to trick the welfare system or someone who says they cannot work when they really can. The system is designed to help those who legitimately need help and not a “free ride.” If someone tries to achieve a “free ride” and they are caught, they could serve time in jail and be required to pay back the money the state lost. We represent persons throughout Arizona including Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale and more.

Welfare Fraud Controversy

Advocates of the system have criticized welfare fraud quite heavily due to the fact that abusing the system can reduce the funds required to help those that do have a need. Because it is a taxpayer funded program, the taxpayers are inconvenienced as well when their money is used to support individuals who are considered undeserving because those individuals lied about their situation.

All in all, welfare fraud has become an expensive predicament for the state, which is why it is prosecuted very aggressively. It does warrant a felony conviction with years spent in prison. This is an issue that has become so severe that many states are starting to offer rewards for information about individuals defrauding the system.

Welfare Fraud Examples

There have been a number of cases of welfare fraud throughout Arizona that are common or were at one time. The state has put measures in place to reduce the chances of fraud, but it still happens. For instance, it is still possible for someone to migrate from district to district using different aliases to obtain benefits.

Another example is someone who claims non-existent children. There was a case in 1981 where a woman claimed that she had 38 children and this defrauded the system out of over $300,000. The woman who committed this crime was believed to be a wealthy woman before she committed the act.

These are just two examples. But what if something happens that you are accused of defrauding the system and you didn’t? This can happen for one reason or another, but your attorney can help you reveal the truth. Myles A. Schneider knows how to gather the facts and negotiate with the prosecution. Even if you have committed some form of welfare fraud, there may be facts in the case that will convince the prosecution to alter the charges so that the penalties are not as harsh. Only a qualified Arizona criminal defense lawyer knows how to effectively reveal these details.

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Welfare fraud is a serious crime that you do not want to be accused of. This is because it is a crime that costs the system a lot of money. There are some cases of legitimate welfare fraud, but there are also cases where a person is falsely accused. No matter what the reason is behind your charge, you need to protect your rights by hiring a competent attorney. Call Myles A. Schneider today at our Phoenix office at 602-926-7373 for a free consultation.