Bank Fraud

Arizona Bank Fraud Attorney

Bank fraud is the act of using a financial institution to conduct a fraudulent act in order to gain financially in some way. This financial gain can be the acquisition of a loan and it is typically acquired by omitting required information or stating false information. A person can exaggerate their income, provide false employment information, or manipulate other information on the application.

Loan officers and other bank employees can also be charged with bank fraud if they become a part of the fraud. Perhaps they will receive a kickback from the applicant if they approve the loan when it should not have been approved. The list can go on and on. No matter what the crime, however, a qualified attorney is needed to defend you in court. Even if you did do something wrong, there may be a detail in your case that can work in your favor. This means a much better outcome for you.

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Types Of Bank Fraud

If you are charged with bank fraud, you can be charged by the state or by the federal government. At the state level, the charge is typically fraud, which means that some kind of benefit was received due to omission or misrepresentation of important details. On the federal level, the laws are very broad and this could mean you can face multiple charges. These charges involve conspiracy and mail or wire fraud.

However, for you to be convicted, the prosecutor has the burden of proof. This means that they must prove that you intended on committing the crime. Most loan applicants will sign the loan application without reading it. There are even cases where a person believes that their assets are worth more than what the government considers them to be worth. Honest mistakes are made and, if that is the case, you need to be adequately represented so that it can be revealed that the act was not intentional.

Effective Phoenix Criminal Defense

To show the court what really happened, you want to make sure you have an effective criminal defense in place. This means dealing with someone who knows about finance and the crimes surrounding it. Myles A. Schneider has a degree in corporate finance, so he knows how to provide effective representation. In fact, this unique qualification allows for very specific strategies to be used that are effective in reaching a fair outcome in the case, whether that outcome is a reduction in the number of charges or complete dismissal of the case.

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