Wire Fraud

Arizona Wire Fraud Attorney

Being accused of wire fraud can be a difficult charge to deal with and is why it is important that you obtain the help of a white collar crimes attorney as soon as possible. A charge of wire fraud essentially says that you have used some form of communication for the purpose of committing fraud. This is a crime that can easily result in false accusations and it is one that can be easy to commit without the intention of defrauding someone.

Even if there was some degree of intention, it is easy to make mistakes. A mistake is something you should not have to pay the maximum penalties for, so you deserve the best possible representation so that the prosecution can be negotiated with. Myles A. Schneider has the negotiation skills and the knowledge to work with you toward the best possible conclusion to your case.

Fraud Via Communication

Wire fraud is defined as a trick, cheat, or a deception that is committed via wire, television, or radio in order to achieve unlawful gain. If a person is accused of making false representations over the radio or the television, they can be charged with wire fraud. The same applies to any signals, writings, pictures, or even sounds that are created for the sole purpose of executing a fraudulent scheme.

A decade ago, there over 75,000 complaints of wire fraud filed with the IFCC. This was a 67% increase over the previous year. The IFCC didn’t start taking online complaints until May of 2000 and even in that year the amount of complaints equaled nearly 17,000. This is proof that wire fraud has become a focus. Some of the complaints were legitimate and led to prosecution and some of the complaints were found to have no merit. Nonetheless, the IFCC takes all complaints seriously, which means an investigation can ensue.


The penalties for wire fraud in Arizona include fines and prison time. The prison time can be up to ten years with the fine being up to $1,000,000. The severity of the crime depends upon who the victim was. If the victim was a financial institution, a person can face up to 30 years and pay the maximum $1,000,000 fine.

These are not penalties that you want to have to pay and this is why you need a qualified Phoenix white collar crimes lawyer to help you in your case. Myles A. Schneider & Associates has the resources, knowledge, track record, and committed staff that is needed to create a solid defense or to negotiate with the prosecution for reduced or dismissed charges.

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