Doctors Beware: Medical professionals who simply chose not to educate themselves may be found to have acted in deliberate ignorance or with reckless disregard and may thereby be liable under the False Claims Act

It may not be enough to hire a professional billing and coding employee or service.  Doctors are obligated to acknowledge on every claim form that the information submitted to the government for billing  is correct.  In meeting this obligation, Doctors hire billing and coding experts to ensure that the bills submitted properly apply the correct billing… Read more »

Bit Torent Suits and Settlement Demands

Have you received a letter from KERCSMAR & FELTUS demanding $5,000.00 to $7,500.00 and accusing you of copyright infringement for downloading movies? That law firm has filed a Federal copyright infringement lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona on behalf of our client LHF & ME2 Productions, Inc. The copyright holders… Read more »

Wire Fraud

Arizona Wire Fraud Attorney Being accused of wire fraud can be a difficult charge to deal with and is why it is important that you obtain the help of a white collar crimes attorney as soon as possible. A charge of wire fraud essentially says that you have used some form of communication for the… Read more »

Welfare Fraud

Arizona Welfare Fraud Lawyer Welfare fraud is committed when a person intentionally misuses the Arizona welfare program. The act may be committed if a person intentionally withholds certain information that is required or provides false information. Perhaps a person misrepresents their income in order to receive benefits or there is information about household members that… Read more »

Weights & Measues

Arizona Weights And Measures Attorney The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures is very important to the everyday lives of consumers. The department plays a role in the marketplace that is critical because it protects both retailers and consumers from unfair business practices. Nonetheless, there are some that do try to manipulate weights and measures… Read more »


Phoenix Trickery Lawyer Trickery is the same as lying to or deceiving someone. Of course, a person is not charged with a federal crime if they simply lie to someone. It is a crime, however, when the trickery that is committed is some sort of fraud. Fraud involves harming someone financially, so when the lie… Read more »

Trade Secret

Arizona Trade Secret Theft Attorney Trade secrets can include sensitive marketing information, customer lists, software, inventions that are unpatented, processes, techniques, and other information that a business possesses that gives it a competitive edge. In other words, the information is to not be known outside of the business. Even the employees usually sign nondisclosure agreements… Read more »

Telemarketing Fraud

Arizona Telemarketing Fraud Lawyer Telemarketing fraud is the act of using telephones to conduct fraudulent schemes. Current statistics state that telemarketing fraud scams people out of nearly $500 million per year. The people most commonly targeted are the elderly. Even individuals who have been victims of telemarketing fraud in the past tend to fall victim… Read more »

Tax Fraud

Arizona Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion Lawyer The IRS can seem like a very frightening arm of the government and that’s because they want to collect the money that they are owed. They will charge penalties where necessary and they will even take legal action when they believe they have been defrauded in some way…. Read more »

Target Letter

The receipt of a target letter means that you need to contact Myles A. Schneider immediately because he is an Arizona white-collar crime defense lawyer who has experience defending clients and winning or negotiating cases in both state and federal court. In this pre-indictment phase, it is important that you retain your legal counsel and… Read more »