Plea Agreements

While every person charged with a crime wants to go home and move on with their lives, that is not always the case. A mistake was made and that is it. Unfortunately, the prosecution is going to prosecute the case hard because someone was the victim in the crime. The good news is that the… Read more »


Phoenix Swindle Lawyer To swindle someone means to intentionally defraud or cheat them. The keyword here is “intentionally.” It is possible to swindle someone without meaning to hurt them. Then again, a person can perceive an action as an act of swindle when it was not. Anyone who attempts to face charges of swindle on… Read more »

Securities Fraud

Arizona Securities Fraud Lawyer There are specific laws and regulations that are in place to protect investors. Securities fraud is committed when the securities laws are intentionally broken. Stockbroker fraud, false information, and deceptive trading are some examples of security fraud. Those that are responsible for such crimes include analysts, private investors, brokerage firms, investment… Read more »


Phoenix RICO/Racketeering Lawyer A Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) is very serious. A person that is charged with racketeering could receive very harsh penalties if convicted. Myles A. Schneider has superior knowledge of how complicated the laws surrounding racketeering can be; therefore he knows how to build a comprehensive defense. This defense is crucial in… Read more »

Religious Fraud

Phoenix Religious Fraud Lawyer Almost everyone is aware of what religious fraud is. What could be perceived as religious fraud is seen on television quite often. For example, the televangelist heals someone on television and all of a sudden the donations start pouring in. It’s when the televangelist goes to heal someone and that person… Read more »

Real Estate Fraud

Arizona Real Estate Fraud Attorney Real estate fraud is a crime that has resulted in some people making millions and most of them are caught red-handed. Unfortunately, real estate fraud did have something to do with the collapse of the real estate market. In turn, a lot of banks got the blame for everything. Even… Read more »

Public Corruption

Arizona Public Corruption Attorney Any time the trust of the public is breached, it is considered public corruption and it can occur at the local, state, and government levels. The act itself involves individuals at the judicial, regulatory, legislative, and contract levels breaching public trust. Even law enforcement agencies or individuals within the law enforcement… Read more »

Procurement Fraud

Arizona Procurement Fraud Attorney Many businesses work with government entities in some capacity. This means that business has to be carried out very carefully because one mistake could lead to an accusation of procurement fraud or another crime. It doesn’t matter if procurement fraud was really committed; it is the perception that it occurred or… Read more »

Price Fixing

Arizona Price Fixing Attorney Price fixing is a conspiracy that occurs between businesses to set prices in a way that the goods all reside within a certain price point. Prices are either going to be set too high, at discounts, they will be stabilized, or they will be fixed. This is something that benefits all… Read more »

Ponzi Schemes

Phoenix Ponzi Schemes Lawyer Many people in society that didn’t know what a Ponzi scheme was five years ago know what it is now. That is because the crime has become more prevalent and news of this type of crime has made its way into mainstream media. The reason why this crime is such a… Read more »