Mortgage Fraud

Phoenix Mortgage Fraud Lawyer There are many white collar crimes that are on the rise and mortgage fraud is one of those. If any prosecuting agent believes that a person is committing mortgage fraud, they will take criminal action. As for why this crackdown has happened, the housing crisis has much to do with it…. Read more »

Money Laundering

Arizona Money Laundering Attorney Money laundering is typically charged along with other crimes, such as fraud and drug trafficking. It is rarely a charge that resides by itself. Because multiple charges can exist, the consequences can be quite stiff, resulting in high fines and many years in prison. If you have been charged with money… Read more »


Phoenix Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Medicare/Medicaid fraud is a type of health care fraud and it is very common. If an individual or an organization is accused of defrauding the Medicare or Medicaid health care system, then they will be heavily investigated. The slightest indication that a person or organization has defrauded the public care system… Read more »

Mail Fraud

Phoenix Mail Fraud Lawyer Wire fraud is similar to money laundering in that it is what is considered a “catch-all” for a number of crimes. In fact, a person charged with mail fraud is usually charged with a number of other crimes. The allegation, however, is that you used the United States Postal Service to… Read more »


Phoenix Larceny Lawyer When a person is charged with larceny, they are charged with wrongly acquiring the personal property of another individual. In other words, this is a form of theft. Even if a person accepting property doesn’t know for sure that it was taken unlawfully, they can be charged with larceny. Even having a… Read more »


Arizona Kickbacks Lawyer Kickbacks are happening everywhere in a wide range of industries and they are quite illegal. They are illegal because the money for a kickback has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is usually from inflating the price of an item or service or actually taking the money from one place in… Read more »

Investment Schemes

Arizona Investment Schemes Lawyer Investment fraud is being prosecuted on both the federal and state levels. If convicted, the penalties could involve heavy fines and a prison sentence of up to 25 years. Depending upon the severity of the crime, the fines could be in the millions of dollars. This can affect you financially for… Read more »

Insurance Fraud

Phoenix Insurance Fraud Lawyer Insurance fraud is an act that covers a number of different crimes. What is similar between all of them is the fact that all acts covered under the term involve defrauding insurance companies. Surprisingly, insurance fraud is prosecuted more than most white-collar crimes. Due to an increase in insurance fraud crackdowns,… Read more »

Insider Trading

Phoenix Insider Trading Lawyer Whether you are a corporate president, a major shareholder, company director, or an employee of a company that has been accused of insider trading, you need an attorney immediately to start helping you defend yourself against the case that is being built against you. The idea is to minimize the risk… Read more »


Phoenix Impersonation Lawyer Criminal impersonation can be very serious. A person who impersonates another has deceived others and usually in a way that damages the person that has been deceived. The person that is impersonated is a victim as well. There are even some cases where a person may impersonate another to receive medical care,… Read more »