Arizona Bribery Lawyer Federal law defines bribery as the act of promising, agreeing to, or offering goods, services, or money in exchange for favors. For instance, a person may try to influence the actions of a public official, such as a contractor bribing a public official so that the contractor will win a specific contract…. Read more »


Arizona Blackmail Attorney Blackmail is an act that someone commits when they threaten to go public with some kind of information against another person that could harm that person. This is also known as extortion. In some states blackmail is charged as extortion. In other states blackmail is a charge by itself and can be… Read more »

Bank Fraud

Arizona Bank Fraud Attorney Bank fraud is the act of using a financial institution to conduct a fraudulent act in order to gain financially in some way. This financial gain can be the acquisition of a loan and it is typically acquired by omitting required information or stating false information. A person can exaggerate their… Read more »


Phoenix Anti-Trust Lawyer United States and Arizona anti-trust law prohibits anti-trust activities. These activities include unfair business practices, such as bid-rigging, price fixing, monopolization, and other deceptive practices. It doesn’t matter how large or how small these activities are, they are punishable under state and federal law. If you are suspected of anti-trust activities, you… Read more »