Currency Schemes

Arizona Currency Schemes Lawyer There is a speculative nature to currency trading because it is high-risk and fast-paced. In a way, it can give an investor quite the rush because the currency market is changing practically every second. It is a market that operates 24 hours per day and it is quite volatile. It also… Read more »

Credit Card Fraud

Arizona Credit Card Fraud Attorney Credit card fraud is on the rise and, many times, a charge of credit card fraud is accompanied by other charges. These charges can include identity theft, counterfeiting, forging, and a number of others. It can also be easy to be charged with credit card fraud despite innocence or guilt…. Read more »


Arizona Counterfeiting Lawyer Counterfeiting and forgery are both very similar in that they involve deliberately cheating or tricking someone by making false documents or items look real. It is possible for someone to be falsely accused of counterfeiting and then there are times when the crime may not be as bad as it looks. Despite… Read more »

Copyright Law

Arizona Copyright Infringement Attorney Copyright law is in place to protect intellectual property such as texts, photos, artwork, music, technical innovations, video and films, and much more. What this law does is ensure that work is not duplicated by others. Because copyrighted material produces an income for many people, duplication could hurt that income. Plus,… Read more »

Contract Fraud

Arizona Contract Fraud Attorney A contract is put in place to ensure that both parties involved in the contract fulfill their end of the deal. If one party does not, then that is considered breach of contract. Business colleagues, vendors, partners, contractors, and employees can breach contractual agreements, whether those agreements are written or verbal…. Read more »

Construction Fraud

Arizona Construction Fraud Attorney Schools, roads, bridges, airports, housing, and many other structures are being built every single day. There are times in which structures may even be built under federal contract and, unfortunately, there almost always ends up being some kind of fraud involved. When construction fraud is committed, it involves such acts as… Read more »

Computer Fraud

Arizona Computer And Internet Fraud Attorney The Internet is used every single day for various tasks that include paying bills, banking, shopping, reading the news, and conducting business. With this incredible amount of use has come an increase in crime. There are some that take advantage of the access that that people have to each… Read more »

Check Fraud

Phoenix Check Fraud Lawyer Check fraud involves the issuing of bad checks and it occurs when an individual passes a check knowing that they do not have the money in their account to pay for that check, as well as any other checks that have been issued at the time. This can be a serious… Read more »

Cellular Phone Fraud

Phoenix Cellular Phone Fraud Lawyer Most of the population uses cellular phones every single day. We all use them to make calls, send text messages, take photos, send photos to friends and family, and even manage our schedules. They have become an important part of our lives. Unfortunately, the popularity of cellular phones have also… Read more »

Business Fraud

Phoenix Business Fraud Lawyer Business fraud is a crime in which an employee commits some kind of theft against their employer or a company commits some kind of fraud that prevents another company from being able to do business. This is an area that may fall in line with anti-trust laws, such as price fixing… Read more »