Phoenix Trickery Lawyer

Trickery is the same as lying to or deceiving someone. Of course, a person is not charged with a federal crime if they simply lie to someone. It is a crime, however, when the trickery that is committed is some sort of fraud. Fraud involves harming someone financially, so when the lie means tricking someone out of their cash, then there may be grounds for criminal charges.

Myles A. Schneider has dealt with many forms of trickery. In fact, a lot of the white collar crimes that are committed are forms of trickery because someone is always tricked out of something, whether that is a service, a good, money, or property. But what may be considered trickery may not be that at all. There can be misunderstandings in which a person or business feels that they have been victimized and that means it is necessary to prove that innocence.

Types Of Trickery

As mentioned before, trickery takes many forms. For instance, deception by police is a form of trickery. It is a different type than when someone may provide false information in order to receive a benefit or when someone tricks someone out of their money through a telemarketing scheme, but it is very serious and is, unfortunately, something that is very common.

Another example of trickery is when someone counterfeits something. Perhaps an individual has their eye on a particular painting that they believe is real. They pay a lot of money for it to later find out that it isn’t real at all. The painting is forged and the victim has been defrauded through trickery.

Phoenix Federal Crimes Allegations

When the allegations are made, there may be multiple charges involved. Since trickery covers such a broad range of areas and fraud can also result in multiple charges, the penalties can involve years in prison and hard fines, depending upon the type of crime. Restitution to the victim can also be a part of the penalties.

Myles A. Schneider works to reduce the penalties as much as possible. There are even times when the charges can be dismissed because of insufficient evidence or because a person was simply falsely accused. It is important to have a lawyer who cares enough and who involves himself in the case so much that it becomes a personal matter and not just a legal one.

Contact An Arizona Trickery Attorney

If you have been accused of trickery or any offense that is related to trickery, you will need to retain an effective defense attorney who knows how to navigate the law at both the state and federal levels. Myles A. Schneider has successfully defended clients accused of a number of crimes involving trickery and many of these cases have resulted in dismissal of the charges or acquittal. In other cases, reduced charges have been achieved. Know that you do have a chance even if you don’t think you do. Take the first step toward ensuring that future by calling 602-926-7373 to schedule a free consultation.