Target Letter

The receipt of a target letter means that you need to contact Myles A. Schneider immediately because he is an Arizona white-collar crime defense lawyer who has experience defending clients and winning or negotiating cases in both state and federal court.

In this pre-indictment phase, it is important that you retain your legal counsel and that you work together through the entire legal process. The reason is because your attorney can negotiate with the U.S. Attorney in order to focus on areas that can benefit you or have the investigation against you closed.

Don’t let the fact that investigations can take years delay the decision to hire an attorney because you will be plagued by the law enforcement agencies looking into your possible involvement in the crime. Sometimes this process can go on for years or months without you knowing that you were ever a target. However, the Department of Justice does have to eventually notify you that you are a target and that you do have rights. This is the reason why they send this target letter.

If you receive this letter, you are receiving it because the government believes that they have enough evidence against you to link you to the crime and the prosecutor is confident that they will secure an indictment. Then again, it is possible that you could be a subject in an investigation due to the belief that you can provide some valuable information in a case. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know the difference between the two.

Furthermore, you will notice that the letter tells you that you will need to appear before the Grand Jury so that background information can be provided to them. It tells you of how many individuals are part of the Grand Jury and what district they are from. The letter will tell you that you will be asked questions and to produce any necessary documents or records. You will also learn that spectators are not allowed in the room during this testimony.

One very important aspect of the letter is the part that advises you not to alter or destruct any documents that must be produced because doing so could violate federal law and even result in an Obstruction of Justice charge. As for your rights, you do not have to answer a question if the answer to that question would incriminate you. Just like you hear stated in Miranda Rights, anything you say can be used against you in any legal proceedings that follow. If you have obtained a Phoenix white collar attorney, then you may have them present as long as you confer with them outside of the Grand Jury room.

Overall, you should know that receiving a target letter means that there is a high probability that you will be indicted. This is why you need to call Myles A. Schneider the moment the letter is in your hand. If you have received this letter, call 602-926-7373 immediately for a free consultation.