Scottsdale Welfare Fraud Lawyer

Welfare fraud is very serious. It is committed when a person purposely abuses the welfare program in Minnesota. The act may involve someone withholding information or providing false information. Maybe a person misrepresents their income or the number of people in their household.

Other examples of the crime include faking an illness or injury in order to mislead the welfare system or a person says they can’t work when they really can. The system was created to help individuals with legitimate need and not those looking for a free ride. If a person is caught simply wishing to get a free ride, they could serve time in prison.

When accused of welfare fraud, it is important to not face the charges alone. With a Scottsdale federal criminal defense attorney by your side, you can have a much better outcome in the case than what you would have otherwise.

Dedicated Welfare Fraud Defense

When you work with an attorney after being accused of welfare fraud, the goal is to receive the best possible outcome. The state is working to be very vigilant of welfare fraud because they don’t want to lose money due to this type of fraud. Taxpayers lose as well when the system is defrauded.

Basically, welfare fraud becomes very expensive for the state. While there are some schemes that have been eliminated throughout the years, there are still some that happen. For instance, individuals still move from district-to-district, using different names so they can obtain benefits. Others also claim children that do not exist so they can receive benefits. For instance, a 1981 case involves a woman who claimed 38 children so that she could receive around 4300,000 in benefits. This woman was believed to be wealthy before the scheme occurred.

These are just a couple of examples of how welfare fraud occurs. Whether or not the charge is a legitimate one, you deserve to have the best possible representation by your Scottsdale federal criminal defense lawyer. People make mistakes that they will never make again, so that means doing what is necessary to ensure the best possible conclusion to the case.

Effectively Navigating The Law

The case can be a difficult one to navigate and so can the law surrounding the alleged offense. However, there may be factors present in the case that leads to a much better conclusion than if those facts were not uncovered. A knowledgeable and dedicated attorney will ensure that every single detail that works in your favor is made evident so that they are considered.

Contact A Scottsdale Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Welfare fraud is a very serious crime, as it involves the defrauding of a government system. If you are accused of welfare fraud, it is very important that you secure solid and reliable representation so that you can receive the best possible outcome in the case. Myles A. Schneider & Associates has years of experience helping individuals charged with welfare fraud reach successful conclusions in their cases. To find out more, call Myles A. Schneider today at 602-926-7373 for a free consultation.