Real Estate Fraud

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Real estate fraud is a crime that has resulted in some people making millions and most of them are caught red-handed. Unfortunately, real estate fraud did have something to do with the collapse of the real estate market. In turn, a lot of banks got the blame for everything. Even real estate brokers and other industry professionals got a bad rap for what happened in the market. The public was more or less outraged because of the losses that had been experienced. Home values dropped and a lot of people lost those homes due to variable rate mortgages and an inability to refinance due to the loan balance suddenly exceeding the value of their homes.

At the same time, there are individuals that are accused of real estate fraud when they have done nothing wrong or the crime may simply be exaggerated and things may not be what they seem. These accusations stem from the increased scrutiny that the real estate market is under due to so many being afraid that such a housing crunch is going to occur again and cause more turmoil within the real estate market.

Types Of Real Estate Fraud

As for the types of real estate fraud that a person can be accused of, they are:

  • Real estate broker fraud
  • Mortgage lender fraud
  • False purchases involving straw buyers
  • Escrow fraud
  • Kickbacks from loans
  • False appraisals
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Real estate schemes targeting elders
  • False loan applications or misrepresented information
  • Commercial real estate fraud

No matter the type of real estate fraud, our law firm has a lot of experience in investigating the details, using forensic accountants and the services of other professionals, and gathering evidence that supports you. Homebuyers, loan officers, and many other individuals within the industry can be charged with real estate fraud and it can be devastating. Not only is your personal life at risk, but your career is at risk as well. Fortunately, there are many cases that are the result of a misunderstanding or an act was not knowingly committed or done in a malicious manner.

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The charges can be so devastating that it can be difficult to know what to do next. A person can be accused of falsifying loan documents when they didn’t at all or made an honest mistake. While there are cases of legitimate guilt, people do make mistakes and it is important to fight for the best outcome in the case. Myles A. Schneider has the experience and the knowledge to build a methodical and comprehensive defense that will yield the best results.

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