Glendale Welfare Fraud Lawyer

Welfare fraud is a very serious crime, as it is one that defrauds the welfare system and the taxpayers that fund it. The act may be one that is committed when someone intentionally withholds information or they provide false information in order to receive welfare benefits.

Examples of welfare fraud include faking an injury or illness, misrepresenting the number of individuals in the household, or not disclosing certain sources of income. The system is designed to help those needing legitimate help. If you have been accused of welfare fraud, you need the help of a Glendale federal criminal defense attorney to help you challenge the charges

Experience With All Types Of Welfare Fraud

There are different types of welfare fraud and we have experience with all of them. This is a program that is funded by the taxpayers and it is because of this that the alleged crime is as serious as it is. The taxpayers are highly inconvenienced when their money is used to support individuals who defraud the system.

For Arizona, welfare fraud has become an expensive situation for the state. This has led to the prosecution pursuing the matter aggressively. The charge is a felony charge, which means time can be spent in prison if convicted. This is an issue that has become so problematic in some states that they are starting to offer rewards for information about people who are committing welfare fraud.

Aggressive Defense Against Welfare Fraud Accusations

There are some types of welfare fraud schemes that were once popular that are no longer carried out and there are others that are relatively new. Arizona has put measures in place to reduce the instances of welfare fraud, but it is still happening. For example, a person can still move from district-to-district to acquire benefits. There are even individuals who claim non-existent children. Sometimes individuals do not qualify for welfare in the first place when they commit these crimes.

While there are some individuals who purposely defraud the system, there are others who are accused of it and they really did not do so. It is important that your Glendale federal criminal defense lawyer is there with you to reveal the facts. Myles A. Schneider knows how to show the facts and negotiate with the other side so you can receive the best result, even if there is merit to the charges against you. This is so you can have the best possible outcome in the matter. It is through quality representation that you can have a positive and hopeful future.

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Welfare fraud is a very serious crime and one that requires competent representation when facing the matter in court. If you are found guilty of welfare fraud, the penalties are very strict and can have an impact on the rest of your life. To learn more about how Myles A. Schneider & Associates, LTD. can help you, call the office 24/7 at 602-926-7373 for a free consultation.