Contract Fraud

Arizona Contract Fraud Attorney

A contract is put in place to ensure that both parties involved in the contract fulfill their end of the deal. If one party does not, then that is considered breach of contract. Business colleagues, vendors, partners, contractors, and employees can breach contractual agreements, whether those agreements are written or verbal.

Even if verbal, there has to be some kind of proof to show that the agreement was made. If there were no witnesses, it becomes one person’s word against the other. That is why it is good to have terms written down in some form and proof that those written terms are agreed to. Myles A. Schneider is knowledgeable in the area of contract fraud and can evaluate the contract and the actions that took place to fulfill or not fulfill that contract to determine if there really are grounds for a person to be sued.

Breach Of Contract

In legal terms, breach of contract is simply a broken promise to perform an act or not perform it. A contract can cover something that is to be done one time or a repeated event. The contract may be breached one time or there may be a serious of breaches. If a person feels victimized, they can file legal action for breach of contract, which is a civil matter.

If a judge finds that a person is guilty of breaching a contract, then the financial remedies are designed to place a person back into the position they would have been in if the contract had not been breached. This could involve giving back all or some of the money that was paid to the contractor.

Statute Of Frauds

In order to satisfy the Statute of Frauds, a contract must be in writing. This is not a rule of evidence, but a rule of substantive law so that certain matters can be evidenced through the written agreement. Anything other than this does not make it enforceable by the court. That is why your Phoenix criminal defense lawyer will take a look at the contract and literally pick it apart. There may be holes in the contract that work in your favor and, then again, it may be found that what you are being accused of breaching was not covered by the contract. By having Myles A. Schneider look at the contract, you will find that you do not have to simply accept the accusation when the breach or other issue may not be as severe as the claim.

Contact An Arizona Contract Fraud Lawyer

Even though breach of contract may be a civil matter, you do not have to face it on your own. You can have your attorney by your side so that you can receive the best conclusion in the case. Many times, a breach of contract claim can be a misunderstanding or the damages are nowhere near as severe as the plaintiff claims. To get to the bottom of things, Myles A. Schneider will evaluate every angle of your case. To find out more, call 602-926-7373 to schedule your free consultation.