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Arizona Weights And Measures Attorney

The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures is very important to the everyday lives of consumers. The department plays a role in the marketplace that is critical because it protects both retailers and consumers from unfair business practices.

Nonetheless, there are some that do try to manipulate weights and measures for some kind of monetary gain and then there are those that are innocent and accused of such practices. Both of these possibilities constitute the need for a qualified attorney and Myles A. Schneider is a uniquely qualified attorney who has access to tools, experts, and other resources, as well as his own knowledge, to provide you with the defense that you deserve.

Purpose Of Weights And Measures

Weights and measures are put in place for a number of reasons. Here are the reasons:

  • All of the weighing devices that are used in weighing commodities are kept accurate
  • Maintains the state’s primary standards of measurement
  • To prevent any unfair dealings regarding count, weight, or measure and for all inspection standards that are outlined in the National Institute of Standard and Technology to be followed
  • Ensuring products are properly labeled if they are sold by weight, count, or measure
  • Ensuring that prices that are posted on items scan the way they should
  • Take care of the licensing of weightmasters that are responsible for certifying the weight of items
  • License the appropriate service agencies and those that are responsible for the installation and repair of measuring devices
  • Regulate some environmental programs

Violations Of Weights And Measures

There are a number of ways in which weights and measures can be violated, particularly by businesses. Perhaps devices are not properly licensed, items are labeled improperly in order to falsely inflate their value, or gasoline prices are inflated during certain periods of time. Price gouging is something that businesses, such as gas stations, can get into serious trouble over.

When you hire Myles A. Schneider to represent you in case you are accused of defrauding the system, you can count on working with an attorney who is going to work tirelessly for you in order to find the best strategy to use in your case. Both legitimate accusations and those that are simply made by mistake can have very good outcomes in the case. For example, there may have been a weighing error, but it may have been an equipment issue. This needs to be proven so that the charges can be completely dropped. There are many angles to take.

Contact a Phoenix Weights And Measures Lawyer

If you have been accused of defrauding the weights and measures system, try not to panic. There are different angles that can be taken in your case to ensure the best possible outcome. Myles A. Schneider is very experienced and skilled in developing strategies that can result in dropped or reduced charges. If the case makes it to trial, an aggressive defense can lead to acquittal. To find out more, call 602-926-7373 for a free consultation.