Telemarketing Fraud

Arizona Telemarketing Fraud Lawyer

Telemarketing fraud is the act of using telephones to conduct fraudulent schemes. Current statistics state that telemarketing fraud scams people out of nearly $500 million per year. The people most commonly targeted are the elderly. Even individuals who have been victims of telemarketing fraud in the past tend to fall victim again.

If you are currently being investigated for telemarketing fraud or you have been charged, you need a competent Phoenix federal crimes lawyer who knows how to navigate the most complex cases. Myles A. Schneider has the skill to protect your rights and represent you in court.

Types Of Telemarketing Fraud

Telemarketing fraud is committed in a number of ways and can carry very harsh penalties. The following are examples of telemarketing fraud:

  • Fraudulent promotional giveaways
  • Charity schemes
  • Impersonating a public official
  • Asking for payment and then not sending any goods
  • Selling the names of the victims in the scheme
  • Magazine schemes
  • Lottery schemes
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Tax schemes
  • Office equipment scams
  • Vending machine fraud
  • Jury duty schemes
  • Loan scams

In the grand scheme of things, telemarketing scams involve using the telephone to promise someone something of value and then not delivering it after the victim has submitted payment. Some of these scams involve collecting credit card or bank account information from victims and then using that information for personal gain.

Complex Telemarketing Fraud Law

Being charged with telemarketing fraud can be very confusing because the laws that govern telemarketing fraud are very complex. The Federal Trade Commission has created rules that prohibit telemarketers from using deceptive and unfair tactics, as well as engage in abusive behavior toward individuals. If the scheme takes place across state lines, the penalties become even harsher. When a person is accused of committing telemarketing fraud, charges of mail and wire fraud may accompany the initial charge. This can result in an even longer prison sentence if convicted. The harsher the conviction, the harder it can be to find a job, find a place to live, or even go back to school once the penalties are paid.

To avoid the maximum penalties, we use a strategy that can result in some or all of the charges being dropped or can have the charges reduced to something that will lower the penalties after conviction. When evidence is weak or there is no evidence at all, we show that fact to the court so the appropriate verdict can be reached in the case.

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