Phoenix Swindle Lawyer

To swindle someone means to intentionally defraud or cheat them. The keyword here is “intentionally.” It is possible to swindle someone without meaning to hurt them. Then again, a person can perceive an action as an act of swindle when it was not.

Anyone who attempts to face charges of swindle on their own without the help of their attorney could face the maximum penalties as deemed appropriate by a judge. With the help of a skilled attorney who can reveal the facts in the case, the charges could be reduced or completely dismissed. If a mistake was made, that can be revealed. Not every act of swindle is intentional and unintentional acts do not deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Instances Of Swindle

Swindle can happen in a number of ways. For example, an employee can swindle their employer by devising a scheme that deprives the employer of property or money that is theirs. This can be done by entering fake entries into the ledger to hide that money has been stolen. False insurance claims and passing counterfeit money can also be considered swindling. Other acts include securities fraud, investment fraud, and tax fraud.

Because other types of fraud can involve acts of swindle, this can result in multiple charges being brought against a person. Of course, the act itself, who was victimized, the amount of money or property involved, and how many people were victimized are all factors to consider. Many of these crimes can result in millions of dollars in losses for victims.

Swindle Consequences

As stated before, multiple charges can be brought against a person for swindle. In many cases, the charge may be a misdemeanor charge if a person does not have a prior criminal record and the crime has not resulted in significant losses. This could have a penalty of no jail time. However, a more severe offense can result in a felony charge and a conviction could lead to time in jail or prison and a lot of money in fines and restitution to be paid.

A conviction could lead to a person having to pay personally and financially for a very long time. Your Phoenix federal crimes lawyer will put together a strategy and a comprehensive plan designed to lessen the consequences as much as possible. If it is found an act was not intentional, it is possible to have the charges dismissed.

Contact An Arizona Swindle Attorney

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