Public Corruption

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Any time the trust of the public is breached, it is considered public corruption and it can occur at the local, state, and government levels. The act itself involves individuals at the judicial, regulatory, legislative, and contract levels breaching public trust. Even law enforcement agencies or individuals within the law enforcement community have breached public trust.

The most common of the types of public corruption is law enforcement corruption. Currently, it constitutes 1/3 of the corruption investigations being conducted by the FBI. These are cases that involve a law enforcement officer accepting cash in order to protect someone who is committing an illegal act. In other words, an officer is committing public corruption when he or she receives some kind of monetary or property advantage.

Public Corruption As Bribery

Public corruption is a form of bribery and it is something that can affect everything from how well our neighbors are protected to the security of our borders. Even the quality of roads and schools can be compromised if major players are succumbing to activities that could corrupt the public. This is why there are federal laws in place that prohibit public corruption.

Unfortunately, Arizona receives low scores in the area of corruption risk. This means that there is a high prevalence for corruption. Just like most states, Arizona does work to reform specific areas after a scandal has taken place. In fact, public corruption leads to new government laws. Unfortunately, Arizona got a D+ on its corruption risk report card in 2012. In this report card, people get a glimpse of how corruption affects the state and certain sectors, such as the insurance commissions, ethics enforcement agencies, and even state pension fund management.

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Because there is a demand for tighter rules, those that are not guilty can be lumped with those simply due to association. Whether innocent or guilty, however, you deserve the right to a fair trial and that means having a knowledgeable attorney by your side who knows the law and how to protect your rights. If you are innocent, Myles A. Schneider knows how to prove that to the prosecution and negotiate dropped charges. If your role was small, charges can be reduced. Even if the role was not small, there may be circumstances that allow for negotiation for lesser charges. There are many possibilities.

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Being accused of public corruption can be both embarrassing and it can hurt your career. You want to make sure you do all that you can to protect your interests and this is done by having a skilled and competent defense attorney by your side to help you navigate the investigation process, any charges that are brought against you, and the legal system. Myles A. Schneider is able to help you see light at the end of the tunnel by providing you with the defense that you deserve. To find out more, cal us at 602-926-7373 to schedule a free consultation.