Price Fixing

Arizona Price Fixing Attorney

Price fixing is a conspiracy that occurs between businesses to set prices in a way that the goods all reside within a certain price point. Prices are either going to be set too high, at discounts, they will be stabilized, or they will be fixed. This is something that benefits all of the individuals or businesses that are involved in the conspiracy and it is possible for all involved in the scheme or perceived to be involved in the scheme to be charged with price fixing.

Why Price Fixing Is Illegal

Price fixing is illegal because it prevents other businesses from being able to effectively compete in the market. In other words, competition law is violated because the market price, the demand, and the supply for products or services are controlled by businesses that go into collusion with one another. If a business is not a part of this price fixing agreement, then it loses out.

This is a type of crime where minimal evidence is needed to prosecute. If there is any evidence that two or more businesses agreed on a price, a collusion charge can result. This charge is a federal charge, which means it is prosecuted at the federal level. You will need a criminal defense attorney who knows how to work with the federal courts because it is a much different place than defending clients at the state level. Myles A. Schneider has that experience and has won even the most difficult of cases in federal court.

How Price Fixing Happens

There are a number of ways in which price fixing occurs. The first is when businesses agree to set high prices so that consumers do not have any choice but to buy at that price. This benefits businesses that are in areas where there are no other buying options. The businesses can also agree to conduct sales, set mark-ups, or even apply discounts in order to outdo the competition.

Price fixing also occurs in the credit industry where companies will agree to standardize their credit terms, giving customers no choice but to choose those credit products. This is something that can violate anti-trust laws and that means multiple charges can be brought against a business. Your Arizona federal criminal defense lawyer will study these charges and look at what really happened, such as seeing if it is possible that coincidence occurred and there was no agreement between businesses at all. This is something that does happen.

Contact An Arizona Price Fixing Lawyer

An accusation of price fixing is very serious and this means having a serious defense. You will need to be defended aggressively and strategically, which is what Myles A. Schneider will do for you. He will have an independent investigation formed to prove what really happened in the case and will negotiate when possible to then effectively represent you in federal court if the charges are not dismissed first. To find out more, call us at 602-926-7373 to schedule a free consultation.