Phoenix Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

Medicare/Medicaid fraud is a type of health care fraud and it is very common. If an individual or an organization is accused of defrauding the Medicare or Medicaid health care system, then they will be heavily investigated. The slightest indication that a person or organization has defrauded the public care system can trigger an investigation, which can lead to a charge. Even individuals who have been completely innocent have been accused of Medicare or Medicaid fraud.

Despite any innocence or guilt, the moment that you are being investigated, call Myles A. Schneider. Mr. Schneider is uniquely qualified to handle your case, as he has handled many cases in both the state and federal courts and achieved satisfactory results for clients.

How Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Occurs

Medicare fraud is a type of fraud that is committed when the Medicare or Medicaid system is cheated out of funds or services. For example, Medicaid is billed for services that were never provided. Unfortunately, there are more ways than this in which the system can be defrauded and this can make it easy for someone to be falsely accused of defrauding the public health care system. Honest mistakes do occur, but the government keeps a very close eye on Medicare billing as do the states when it comes to Medicaid billing. Too many errors can lead to an investigation and the investigation can lead to charges as if the errors were intentional. It is the responsibility of the government, however, to prove that the errors were intentional.

Common Types Of Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Medicare and Medicaid fraud is typically committed by a person looking to receive benefits that they are not entitled to receive. Health care providers are also known for doing this, such as providing for unnecessary services or billing for services that were never provided. Other acts include:

  • Billing too much
  • False billing
  • A recipient providing false information, such as lying about their age or injuries
  • Utilizing another person’s name and personal information to receive benefits
  • Billing for imaginary patients
  • Billing for the same procedure more than once
  • Using the wrong billing code in order to receive more money
  • Medical record falsification
  • Receiving or giving kickbacks for referring members
  • Sale of unauthorized remedies
  • Using an unlicensed staff

Conviction resulting from one of these acts leads to high fines and time in prison. In turn, there is a great deal of harm done to a person’s professional and personal reputation. The best way to avoid these harsh penalties is by utilizing an Arizona federal criminal defense attorney who is well versed in Medicare and Medicaid law and how to create the right strategies to ensure the best results occur.

Contact An Arizona Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Don’t let the investigation and/or accusations against you make you feel as if there is no hope. There is hope for you through a comprehensive strategy that is unique to your case so that the best result can be achieved. You do not have to settle with the charges, nor do you have to fight them alone. Call Myles A. Schneider at 602-926-7373 for a free consultation.