Phoenix Larceny Lawyer

When a person is charged with larceny, they are charged with wrongly acquiring the personal property of another individual. In other words, this is a form of theft. Even if a person accepting property doesn’t know for sure that it was taken unlawfully, they can be charged with larceny. Even having a reason to believe that it was taken from someone unlawfully is grounds enough for a larceny charge.

This is considered a crime against possession. This is different than a person simply taking custody of an item. If you are accused of having possession and control over an item or money that is not yours, you need the facts proven in your case. You need certain details to come to light so that a fair outcome can be the end result.

Possession Vs. Custody

The difference between possession and custody is this: Possession is when an individual has physical control over a piece of property or they can exercise control over the use of that property. A person has custody if they have the property within their possession, but they are not given the right to use that property. The perfect example of this is a customer in a retail store picking up an item to examine it. They are allowed to have custody of that item, but they cannot take it out of the package and start using it without paying for it.

It should also be noted that a person has to have complete control over the item that they have taken into custody. If a person tries taking something and it is connected to a wall, pole, or other item with a chain or rope, the person is unable to walk away with that item. The inability to walk away with this item means they cannot take it, so they simply have custody of it without actually taking complete possession. They cannot be convicted of larceny, even if the authorities try to charge that individual with larceny.

Hiring An Arizona Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you actually did not carry away property from its original position, the authorities may still try to charge you. If they are successful with the charge, what you need is an attorney who will prove that you did not unlawfully take that property. It doesn’t matter if it is merchandise, money, or another piece of property. You have to have completed the act. If you did, perhaps it was due to a misunderstanding. Myles A. Schneider knows how to show the facts in your case by exploring the smallest of details.

Contact A Phoenix Larceny Attorney

Being charged with larceny can be difficult to deal with. This is because there can be so many questions surrounding the charge itself. Myles A. Schneider can help by answering all of your questions by standing with you throughout the case. When the details of the act in question are sketchy, the idea is to make them clear so that the case can be seen for what it is in a way that allows you to move on with your life. To find out more, call 602-926-7373 to schedule your free consultation.