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Kickbacks are happening everywhere in a wide range of industries and they are quite illegal. They are illegal because the money for a kickback has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is usually from inflating the price of an item or service or actually taking the money from one place in order to pay the kickback.

Examples Of Kickbacks

There are many ways in which a person can receive a kickback. One of the main areas where kickbacks occur is when a loan officer approved a loan they are not supposed to because the borrower agrees to let them have some of the money in return. This is illegal,

Another example is the body shop or glass shop that wants your business so bad that they will give an inflated estimate so that they can offer you a deal of “paying your deductible.” This is also illegal because it is more or less taking funds from the insurance company.

A third example is when a doctor or lawyer refers patients or clients to one another and they pay each other for the referrals. Even patients can receive kickbacks from a doctor to keep coming. This is a kickback that is not illegal.

There are kickbacks that are illegal and there are kickbacks that aren’t. An employer making an employee kick back part of their compensation is also illegal. This is stealing from the employee and, if found guilty of a kickback scheme, the federal punishment is five years in prison, a $5,000 prison sentence, or both.

Arizona Federal Criminal Defense

Kickback laws focus heavily on public works projects and financial institutions, as well as grants and loans from the U.S. government. The government prohibits practically any type of kickback or fee that is unearned when it comes to mortgage loans that are federally-related.

If you have been accused of taking kickbacks or paying someone kickbacks so that they will do for you what you want them to do, you need a quality defense. A person can be easily accused of being involved in a kickback scheme and find that it may be a simple “finder’s fee” situation that is completely legal or a commission situation. Accusations can be brought about for different reasons by different people. It is important to find the reason for the accusation and reveal it.

Myles A. Schneider knows how to manage the complex investigations that accompany claims of kickback schemes, as well as how to identify the potential liabilities. You do not have to stand alone in your case.

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If you have been accused of giving kickbacks or taking them, you can be charged with a crime. Usually, a kickback cannot occur unless the price of something is inflated or money is taken from one area to pay the kickback. Despite your innocence or your guilt, you deserve the proper representation and Myles A. Schneider can give you that. To get the best representation possible, call us at 602-926-7373 for a free consultation.