Insurance Fraud

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Insurance fraud is an act that covers a number of different crimes. What is similar between all of them is the fact that all acts covered under the term involve defrauding insurance companies. Surprisingly, insurance fraud is prosecuted more than most white-collar crimes. Due to an increase in insurance fraud crackdowns, there are more indictments and prosecutions occurring now than in the past. One issue, however, is that the individuals being charged with these crimes are not always aware that they did anything wrong.

Myles A. Schneider is highly experienced in defending individuals who have been charged with insurance fraud. Insurance fraud can cover auto insurance, health insurance, welfare, unemployment benefits, and Medicaid.

Fraudulent Insurance Acts

Arizona’s penal code defines insurance fraud as the act of intentionally and deliberately submitting an insurance application to an insurance company or one of its agents. The actual fraud involves providing false or misleading information. When charged, the charges are categorized into degrees with each having its own set of penalties. Here is a breakdown of those degrees and their penalties:

  • Fraud in the fifth degree – This is a class A misdemeanor and can have a one year prison sentence if convicted.
  • Fraud in the fourth degree – Obtaining property or money in excess of $1,000 is a class E felony and can result in up to four years in prison.
  • Fraud in the third degree – Making an illegal gain of $3,000 is a class D felony and can lead to 7 years in prison
  • Fraud in the second degree – Illegal gains of $50,000 is a class C felony, which constitutes 15 years in prison
  • Fraud in the first degree – Illegal gains in the amount of a million dollars is a class B felony that leads to 25 years in prison if convicted.

If there have been any insurance fraud convictions within the preceding five years, there is an automatic charge of fraud in the fourth degree.

Hire A Uniquely Qualified Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are suspected of insurance fraud, it can take a while for the authorities to conduct their investigation. The moment that you discover that you are being suspected of insurance fraud, you need the help of your attorney for when a warrant may be served on you. You will know exactly what to do, what to say, and a plan of action will already be in place.

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It is ideal for you to retain an attorney as early in your case as possible. This will help you be prepared and will also result in a stronger defense for you. There are times in which we can convince the prosecutor to not move forward with the case, especially when we can prove that their evidence is weak or that they have no real evidence at all. Call us at 602-926-7373 for a free consultation.