Insider Trading

Phoenix Insider Trading Lawyer

Whether you are a corporate president, a major shareholder, company director, or an employee of a company that has been accused of insider trading, you need an attorney immediately to start helping you defend yourself against the case that is being built against you. The idea is to minimize the risk that you will be convicted. This protects your livelihood and your reputation. Myles A. Schneider has the knowledge and experience to make sure the best outcome is reached in your case so that you can move on with your life.

Instances Of Insider Trading

Insider trading can happen in a number of ways. It can happen in a real estate transaction, a bond purchase, a stock sale or purchase, or any financial transaction. It involves using non-public information to influence a purchase or sale of a commodity. If convicted, the penalties include prison time, fines, and the loss of any applicable professional license.

Even if you are not a broker, advisor, or other type of agent, you could still lose any professional licenses that you currently have due to the criminal conviction itself. Certain licenses cannot be held if a person has been charged with a crime. This causes your professional life to suffer and will limit your employment options in the future. You could also be prohibited from trading in the future.

SEC Investigations

The Securities and Exchange Commission will conduct the insider trading investigation. This means that they are going to aggressively search for reasons to charge you. Once they find reasons, they are going to make sure the matter is harshly prosecuted because they are going to want a conviction. This risk is minimized when you utilize a qualified Phoenix criminal defense lawyer the moment you find out you are being investigated.

While there are times that a conviction is imminent, the maximum penalties are not. Even though the SEC would enjoy seeing the maximum penalty paid, it is not always appropriate. There may be details in your case that proves the charges against you should be reduced. This is something that an aggressive and confident attorney can negotiate with the prosecution so that you can pay the least amount in penalties as possible. This will allow you to start rebuilding your life as soon as possible.

Contact An Arizona Insider Trading Attorney

Insider trading is a serious crime. Some rather well-known individuals have had to serve time in federal prison for insider trading convictions. Fortunately, there are ways to keep that from being you. The experience of Myles A. Schneider keeps your best interest in mind and at heart. That way you can receive the fairest possible outcome in your case. Let us help you. Call us at 602-926-7373 to schedule a free consultation.