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Criminal impersonation can be very serious. A person who impersonates another has deceived others and usually in a way that damages the person that has been deceived. The person that is impersonated is a victim as well. There are even some cases where a person may impersonate another to receive medical care, go to school, get a job, or to simply get their way with something.

Nonetheless, there are situations in which an act of impersonation was not criminal in any means or a person is falsely accused. Myles A. Schneider will look at the situation and determine if the grounds for legal action are fair or not. If the action is not, then negotiations with the prosecution can take place to reduce charges or have them dismissed. This is not a charge that you want to face alone.

Criminal Impersonation In Depth

A charge of criminal impersonation can also involve a number of other charges, such as aggravated taking the identity of another person. This is the same as identity theft, which is a very severe crime. In this case, a person can be accused of impersonating a police officer or a public official. Someone claiming to be an attorney or doctor can also get into trouble if they are using their claims for some kind of criminal gain.

If convicted of criminal impersonation, the conviction is a misdemeanor class 1 or a felony class 6. This can mean time in jail, time in prison, any restitution to victims, and fines. In addition to these legal consequences, there are personal consequences. While a person can still seek employment with a misdemeanor, some employers do not want a criminal record at all. Most employers with any kind of higher earning potential don’t want a felony on a person’s record at all. A felony can also prevent a person from finding a place to rent and even going back to school. In other words, the rest of an individual’s life can be affected and that is why quality legal representation is needed.

Hiring An Arizona Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you hire Myles A. Schneider, you can expect a thorough investigation into the reason for the charges against you and exactly what occurred in your case. The information that is gathered can be used in your defense so that you can receive a much better outcome than if you were to face the charges alone or with the accompaniment of an attorney that does not specialize in such criminal matters.

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If you have been accused of impersonating another person, you need to have a skilled defense attorney working by your side to either have the charges reduced or completely dismissed. There may be circumstances in your case that can render a much better outcome than what you may expect, thus allowing you to move into the future with the matter behind you. To find out more about how Myles A. Schneider can help you, call 602-926-7373 to schedule your free consultation.