Arizona Environmental Schemes Lawyer

Some would claim that global warming is an environmental scheme and others would claim that the denial of global warming is some kind of environmental scam with a motive behind it for the sake of certain companies that pollute the air. Yes, these are just mere theories rather than true accusations and, truthfully, the global warming debate is one that is fueled by speculation and some evidence that suggests it exists with just as much evidence stating that the increase in temperature is a natural part of earth’s cycle.

But there are some schemes that do try to drive some form of impending doom into people. While this isn’t exactly a crime, invoking a feeling of doom for the purpose of committing fraud is. Perhaps there is some kind of monetary gain. Someone feeds fraudulent data into a computer just so they can stir up controversy and suddenly individuals start forking out money to stop global warming or another environmental hazard.

Forms Of Environmental Schemes

Those schemes that are committed just for the sake of stirring some kind of controversy are serious because of the panic that they can cause. A person may receive a frightening email or there may be a fraudulent website feeding false data, telling them that they need to take a specific course of action.

Then again, someone may run a campaign that tells individuals to donate to their organization in order to save the rainforest. It may turn out that the money doesn’t go to the rainforest at all. This is just an example of a rather savvy fraud, but there are organizations that legitimately use the money in the way they say it is going to be used. At the same time, there are scammers that will use the donation information to commit identity theft.

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If you find that you are accused of causing undue panic with some kind of gainful motive behind it, you may be confused. It can be easy for a legitimate organization or individual to be accused of being a scam artist. You will have to prove the legitimacy of your operation. Perhaps you are someone who had the best intentions and things did not work out the way you planed. On the other hand, you may have simply made a mistake and you need an attorney who understands that and will provide you with an aggressive defense so you can move on with your life as soon as possible.

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Environmental fraud can take different forms with the most common being those schemes that involve trying to acquire money from victims. Despite your innocence or guilt, you do have rights and it is important that those rights are defended as heavily as possible. Myles A. Schneider can provide that defense, helping you receive the best possible outcome in your case. To take the first step toward your future, call today at 602-926-7373 to schedule a free consultation.