Election Law

Arizona Election Law Violations Attorney

The ability to vote is a right that the American people are able to exercise. They are able to choose who represents them in order to make decisions that will benefit the people as a whole. But to get into office, elected officials have to run for election and this is why there are election laws in place. These election laws regulate how elections are carried out so they are as fair as possible.

Unfortunately, there are times when a candidate may be accused of violating election laws and this can be devastating to a campaign or to a person holding office. The constituents of a person holding office could wonder if they put the right person in office. With a qualified attorney investigating the situation and bringing out the facts, many of those concerns can typically be relieved, allowing for business as usual.

Election Laws

Even before any accusations of election law violations come about, Myles A. Schneider can advise candidates on whether or not an action is a violation of election law. This type of guidance can ensure that the campaign is a sound one. It also helps immediately debunk any accusations that any laws were violated.

We are knowledgeable about local, state, and federal election laws. We can advise on campaign contributions, initiative campaigns, balance measures, petitions, ballot qualifications, independent expenditures, and so much more. We can also address any questions or accusations that may come about regarding these areas.

Types Of Election Questions

During or after an election, a number of questions can come about. The moment questions do arise, your attorney can help you find the answers so that the issues can be resolved. Examples of some of these questions include:

  • Issues with fundraising and how funds were acquired
  • Time limit on certain issues to be voted upon
  • Petition signatures that may be questionable
  • Campaign filings
  • How a campaign was conducted
  • Incentives for votes
  • Illegally obtaining votes

The list can go on. If someone solicited votes for a candidate, questions may come about regarding whether or not the candidate had anything to do with those solicitations. There are many times when candidates have nothing to do with how someone gains votes for them. The same goes for school districts with bonds or levies on the ballots or those individuals supporting specific issues that they want to see passed.

Contact A Phoenix Election Law Violations Lawyer

Election laws are in place to ensure that candidates vie for their votes fairly. There are laws that regulate how donations are received and so much more. That way, elections are kept as fair as possible so that the right candidate can be placed into office. If you have been accused of violating election laws, you will need an experienced attorney by your side to prove the facts so that you can move on with your campaign or with your time in office. Contact Myles A. Schneider today by calling 602-926-7373 to schedule a free consultation.