Drug Trafficking

Arizona Drug Trafficking Attorney

Drug trafficking is a serious crime and one that is seen a lot in Arizona, especially since some trafficking takes place between the United States and Mexico. Because it is known that trafficking is a major issue in the state, one area that police have cracked down on is the Interstate 40 corridor. They are also cracking down on as I-8. The police look for rental cars, people who look like they are guilty of something, or vehicles that have taken measures to hide odors (smoking cigarettes, lots of air fresheners, etc.)

When pulled over by the police, drug dogs can be used to find drug traffickers. In some cases, drugs may be in possession, but they may not be trafficked because they are not exchanging hands in any way. The authorities do have to have proof that the drugs were being moved for monetary reasons to issue a charge of drug trafficking. We represent persons throughout Arizona including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale and more.

Drug Trafficking Defined

As for what drug trafficking is, it is defined as the act of cultivating, manufacturing, distributing, and then selling the illegal drug. Just because someone is in possession of drugs does not mean that they are going to sell them. The burden of proof lies on the shoulders of the prosecution in this case. Sometimes, a person is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps you were the passenger or the driver of a vehicle with another person who was in the possession of drugs.

Nonetheless, conspiracy to distribute or the intent to sale can be determined if one of the following exists at the time of the traffic stop:

  • Large amount of cash in the vehicle, which suggests drugs have been sold
  • A large quantity of drugs, which suggests that there is an intent to sell
  • Baggies and other materials that drugs are packaged in when sold

Any of these elements being present can lead to the drug trafficking charge.

Arizona Federal Criminal Defense

Because of the nature of drug trafficking, it can be prosecuted at the federal level, which means the penalties are very harsh if convicted. It is important to do all that is possible to reduce charges or even have them reduced if evidence is not sufficient.

What some individuals do not realize, however, is that if an officer does not have reasonable suspicions to search a vehicle, even if they request to do so, you can tell them that they cannot search it. They also should not hold you in custody while they wait on a drug dog unless, again, there is reasonable suspicion. Myles A. Schneider will look for faults in the arrest procedure and much more to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your case.

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Even if the drug trafficking charges are legitimate, you do not have to simply take the charges against you and pay the highest penalties. Mistakes happen and that shouldn’t mean that the rest of your life deserves to be ruined by it. Myles A. Schneider feels that you deserve a chance and will do everything that must be done to make sure you get that chance. To talk about your case and learn your rights and options, call today at 602-926-7373 to schedule a free consultation.