Construction Fraud

Arizona Construction Fraud Attorney

Schools, roads, bridges, airports, housing, and many other structures are being built every single day. There are times in which structures may even be built under federal contract and, unfortunately, there almost always ends up being some kind of fraud involved.

When construction fraud is committed, it involves such acts as claiming to be eligible for a special program, ignoring the specs of a contract, or overbilling for the work that is done. Even those that claim minority contractor status when they are not a minority can constitute contractor fraud.

Types Of Contractor Fraud

There are a number of forms of contractor fraud that can also accompany other charges. Unfortunately, some forms of fraud can be easy to commit. There are times when the act may be a mistake and there are other times when the accusations are false. It is up to your attorney to work hard for you and show the truth in your case and why you should not be convicted or why you should not pay the maximum penalties.

The types of contractor fraud involved include:

  • Padding hours
  • Paying kickbacks for the awarding of a contract
  • Claiming that costs are government-related when they are non-government
  • Not performing the required testing on the structure
  • Padding material cost
  • Underpaying construction workers
  • Hiring undocumented workers to perform the job
  • Saying workers are paid one wage when they are paid a different amount
  • Subcontractors are unlicensed
  • The use of materials that federal law prohibits
  • Bid rigging
  • Falsifying payroll reports

These are all acts that can cost the construction client a lot of money. It sometimes turns out that the amount they paid for the contract did not have to be that high. When it is found out, the client has the right to take legal action against the construction company or action may be taken at the federal level. At the same time, a client can believe they were cheated when they weren’t and this can result in some kind of investigation or a day in civil court where the client wants their money back.

Contractor Fraud And The False Claims Act

The False Claims Act can come into play when it comes to construction fraud. If a construction company is taking fraudulent actions against the federal government and a subcontractor knows it, the subcontractor could share in any fines or penalties that the contractor pays for being convicted of the crime. This does make wrongful accusations more prevalent.

If the accusation is false, then that must be proven. Myles A. Schneider is very familiar with the role that the False Claims Act plays in construction fraud and also knows how to prove that an accusation is false. It is important to do this as soon as the accusation is made to avoid damages to both personal and professional reputations.

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