Computer Fraud

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The Internet is used every single day for various tasks that include paying bills, banking, shopping, reading the news, and conducting business. With this incredible amount of use has come an increase in crime. There are some that take advantage of the access that that people have to each other and they use it to gain financially somehow. This financial gain comes through scams that are designed to take money from peoples’ pockets. Identity theft is one of those crimes.

If you are accused of any kind of computer or Internet fraud, you must call your attorney as soon as possible. Myles A. Schneider has experience representing clients accused of computer and Internet fraud and stands by his clients through every step of the process, working hard to prove the facts.

Computer Hacking

Many fraudsters will hack into computers in order to find out a person’s personal information. Because so many individuals carry out banking tasks on their computers, their financial information may be vulnerable as well.

There are also “phishers” that may create fake websites that look like a legitimate website so that a person attempts to login to their account from that page. This attempted login results in the hacker obtaining password information. If the actual account is a bank account or an account with a merchant, the hacker then has the information needed to log into the account and retrieve very personal details.

To collect evidence in these cases, prosecutors must obtain a search warrant so they can retrieve computer equipment from the individual or individuals suspected of the fraud. But just because information may exist on the computer does not mean the computer’s owner put it there. Many times, there are multiple people using one computer. The prosecution must prove that you were the person who placed the incriminating evidence on the computer. If they can’t, then their case is very weak or they don’t have a case at all.

Arizona Federal Criminal Defense

Computer and Internet fraud can be very difficult cases. An attorney well versed in this area, however, can simplify it by looking at every aspect of the case and using experts where necessary to cast doubt on the prosecution’s evidence. It is very important to know that the burden of proof is in the hands of the prosecution. If they cannot prove guilt or their evidence is weak, the outcome can be something completely different.

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If you have been accused of computer and Internet fraud, it is a must to call your attorney as soon as possible so work can begin on your case. You can count on the necessary research being done to gather evidence and facts that proves what really happened. By proving what really occurred in your case and the details around those occurrences, you can have a much better outcome than if you simply accepted the charges. Call us today at 602-926-7373 for a free consultation.