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Federal law defines bribery as the act of promising, agreeing to, or offering goods, services, or money in exchange for favors. For instance, a person may try to influence the actions of a public official, such as a contractor bribing a public official so that the contractor will win a specific contract. If caught, the charges can be serious. The situation becomes even more serious when convicted.

If you have been accused of bribery, you need your rights protected. Whether you are innocent or guilty, you deserve a strong defense so that you can have another chance at leading a productive life. Individuals make mistakes and those mistakes should not be held over your head for the rest of your life. Contacting Myles A. Schneider means that work will begin on your defense as soon as possible.

Bribery Defined

Bribery is more accurately defined as giving a gift or money to someone in order to alter their behavior in some way. The mafia was notorious for bribery in some instances when they weren’t threatening the lives of other people for not doing what they wanted them to do. Compared to most actions of the mafia, bribery was one of their softer offenses. Nonetheless, a person can be bribed with money, property, preferential treatment, privilege, or given some other advantage that will make them do the bidding of the person being bribed.

Kickbacks are the perfect examples of bribery. Here is an example: A person applying for a bank loan tells the loan officer that they will pay them if they ensure the loan is approved. Usually, the applicant and the loan officer know one another prior to the arrangement or the applicant may have heard that the loan officer will accept kickbacks in exchange for the approval of loans that should never be approved.

Another example of a bribe is trying to bribe a police officer to not issue a speeding ticket. The person may offer to do the officer favors if they do not write the ticket. This is something that people attempt to do frequently, but police officers tend to brush it off and issue the ticket anyway.

Aggressive Phoenix Criminal Defense

What is unfortunate is that another act or an innocent act can be easily mistaken as bribery, which is why it is a must for the facts to come out in the case. Myles A. Schneider has experience with these types of cases and that means you will receive the best possible defense. When dealing with an attorney who is uniquely qualified to handle your case, you can count on having someone who will fight for you in every possible way.

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It can be easy to be accused of bribery, even if you did not do it. It is also possible for an act to be misconstrued as bribery. Then again, it is an act that is easy commit. Just because you may have said something to someone or made an arrangement doesn’t mean you implemented a bribe. To prove the facts, Myles A. Schneider will look at the details of your case and construct a strategy that will work for you. To get the legal help that you need, call us at 602-926-7373 and schedule your free consultation.