Phoenix Anti-Trust Lawyer

United States and Arizona anti-trust law prohibits anti-trust activities. These activities include unfair business practices, such as bid-rigging, price fixing, monopolization, and other deceptive practices. It doesn’t matter how large or how small these activities are, they are punishable under state and federal law.

If you are suspected of anti-trust activities, you will find that you will be prosecuted hard because the enforcement of anti-trust laws is very important in ensuring a stable free-market economy. Ensuring fair practices means that prices for goods and services remain fair and that there is a wide variety of products and services to choose from.

Competition Regulation

Anti-trust laws are in place to ensure fair competition on the market. These laws keep one company from having a monopoly that can prevent the other companies from thriving. It is true that there are some companies that grow by leaps and bounds and they seem to be everywhere, but it does help them if they are the first to enter an area or it is determined that they will not infringe on businesses already in that particular area. Nonetheless, price fixing in order to run the others out of business is a violation.

All in all, anti-trust laws help preserve the relationship between consumers and businesses. Consumers receive fair pricing and other businesses are given the room that they need to thrive. But the moment that price changes are perceived as predatory pricing or monopolization is attempted, an anti-trust investigation can ensue and this may result in charges if it is believed that there are malicious acts at play.

Hiring A Phoenix Federal Crimes Lawyer

Myles A. Schneider & Associates knows how to create a powerful defense in complex criminal cases, representing white collar clients from doctors and lawyers to businessmen. It is understood how severe anti-trust matters are and what kind of strategies must be used to obtain the best outcome in the case. There are times when it is shown that there were no anti-trust issues; it was just perceived that way. There have been a number of high profile anti-trust cases that have been covered in the media in recent years. Some of these corporations have been found guilty and ordered to make changes. Other times, it is found that the accusations are unfounded.

The latter result is exactly what you want, which is going to require a knowledgeable and uniquely qualified attorney who can navigate the law. Revealing the facts is imperative to ensuring that the right outcome is reached.

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If you are the subject of anti-trust accusations or you have been charged, do not face the charges alone. You need a criminal defense attorney well versed in corporate law so that you can fight the charges. Even if there is a degree of guilt, the severity of your conviction can be changed to something more favorable. Call Myles A. Schneider today at 602-926-7373 to schedule your free consultation.